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I've been overweight for years and struggled to find a way to lose it. After many attempts, I finally had a breakthrough working with David. My weight simply started to melt away after our session. I noticed simple changes in how I ate and moved, which happened seemingly without effort. It was incredible because not only did my weight start to change, I felt lighter and more at peace with myself too.   
David is a beautiful soul who is extremely empathetic. His kindness and compassion created a comforting space for me to feel free to be myself. He quickly grasped exactly what I was trying to accomplish and then took me on a relaxing journey within. David has a special gift and knew just what to say to me and my subconscious which created this amazingly successful outcome.


From my first contact with Gateway Hypnotherapy, the process was effortless. When I spoke with David about my challenges his confidence of a resolution and his clear description of the path we would follow to get there was impressive on a first call. 

David's concierge service was incredibly appreciated and the made the therapy sessions comfortable and easy for me.

He also personalizes therapy to your individual needs as you progress. This was a top notch experience with a seasoned professional who goes way above and beyond to assure his client gets the most out of each session. 

I highly recommend David and Gateway Hypnotherapy as one of the the highest integrity businesses I've ever had the pleasure to deal with.


My experience working with David on my life-long IBS issues has been amazing!! Trust me when I say it's been a journey through the medical system with no results. Not to mention the cost of all the tests specialists, etc. ...I no longer suffer from IBS issues!! I had nothing to lose trying hypnotherapy. I'm not a stranger to this as I've had great results to help me quit smoking and eradicate an unreasonable fear, all with positive outcomes. David is committed, compassionate, calming and super intelligent with hypnotherapy modalities and techniques. It truly is amazing what can happen when you open up to this kind of healing!! The subconscious and conscious minds are are incredibly fascinating!! David can definitely guide you to a healthier and happier life!!


David is incredibly patient and caring. My sessions with him have been life changing. I've been through traditional therapy and this was on an entirely different level. You don't have to find the words to say, they find you. 


Dave Crisp gave me the gift of genuine results. His clients will benefit from pain reduction, relief from IBS, and success dealing with the effects of childhood trauma. Dave's manner is professional and kind, and most important, he listened to my wishes throughout each session.


David has helped me in multiple ways. He was able to assist me in alleviating my anxiety which also stopped my frequent panic attacks. He’s taught me how to take time for myself by helping me understand why I always put others first. I highly recommend David if you have anything holding you back!


David's expertise is truly remarkable. His deep knowledge and unwavering commitment to helping clients reach their goals is nothing short of inspiring.

During my session with David I experienced a profound breakthrough that shattered the insecurities holding me back. His gifted guidance and support have been a game-changer in my journey to overcome limiting beliefs. I wholeheartedly recommend David's services to anyone seeking transformation and personal growth. 


David has gone above and beyond to help me with not one, but two issues I've been struggling with my whole life! He is extremely caring and knowledgeable. I cannot recommend him enough! 


In the past 24 months, I have had some serious life changes, including the end of a 6 1/2 year relationship to my fiancé.
For the better part of that relationship I dealt with anxiety associated with the trauma of the toxic relationship that had a firm hold on me. Finally getting the courage to see it to its end, I realized over the course of a year that there were serious scars it left behind. I knew in my conscious mind what I wanted to heal and desperately needed to move forward, yet I was at a total loss on what was holding me back. I had been going to traditional therapy and knew all the “right” things to do and to tell myself. Yet, I couldn’t seem to “un-stick” myself. I explored the option of Gateway Hypnotherapy. David is a respected gentleman within the community. Nothing was yielding the results that I so desperately needed in my life following a relationship that left me in pieces.
What did I have to lose? Nothing except this heavy burden of guilt, failure and fatigue and angst that had been plaguing me for literally years. In our first session, David conducted a very thorough interview to understand my mindset and my goals. He was patient and kind and allowed me to get it all out. What I realized by his tactful and nonjudgmental analysis is that it was much deeper than my 6 1/2 year relationship wounds. Through David’s gentle and focused hypnotherapy, I felt a sense of understanding myself and what needed to be done to free my subconscious mind of the years of conditioning that brought me to the emotional numbness that I was experiencing. With just the very first hypnosis, David was able to somehow reach that part of my mind that was not knowingly conditioned for trauma responses that were undermining my true success. It was profound.
Within a day, my phone started ringing with opportunities and I had a renewed energy and focus that I had not seen in myself in years. Dare I say, was it the “old happy me”? I couldn’t wait until our next session hopeful that the positive result was not just a fluke. The second session was more efficient than the first as I felt comfortable knowing what to expect and eager to get “un-stuck” and start to march forward to the happy place I once knew in my mind.
During the therapy, there was an interruption where I became “present”. David was able to very easily and painlessly bring me back, literally within a moments time, which after the fact I found quite fascinating. Who knew that with proper guidance, one has the wonderful opportunity to connect with the subconscious self and so proficiently address deep rooted issues all the way from childhood, painlessly and with NO TRAUMA whatsoever. After the second session I was even more surprised at how things seemed to just be getting better and better in all aspects of my life. I had more energy and focus, less migraines that have plagued me my entire life, less stomach issues and better sleep. I thought to myself, “There is something to this!” By the third visit, my mind was so much less cluttered with anxiety and flooded with positivity and hope for more of the awesome results from the past two sessions. Again, David brought me to a state of the subconscious and reassured me that it is okay to move past those issues that were so ingrained in my beliefs for the better part of my life. Since that last session, I am delighted to report that my mindset has shifted to a much more lighthearted and focused “me”. Things that once bothered me seemingly have no effect. I cannot put my finger on exactly what has changed, only that there is a change and it is all for the better good of the whole me. For the first time in many years I was able to actually cry with real tears! They were tears of overwhelming joy and gratitude with the realization of how beautiful my life is and how blessed each and every part of my world is.
I am thrilled to be able to endorse David and his hypnotherapy because I am living proof that his empathic nature, coupled with his strong desire to genuinely make a positive difference in his client’s lives, shines though in the amazing, trauma free therapy that I have received. I thank you David, for “un-sticking” me so I can move on to the better version of myself. I am forever grateful.
If you are considering making real change in your life but just can’t seem to figure out what is holding you back or how to get past it, I strongly suggest meeting with David to see if hypnotherapy is right for you. What do you have to lose except the weight of the issues that are the cause of you not achieving your highest potential.



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